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Georgina Sherrington
Bobby Barry
Abeille Gélinas
Felicity Jones
Charmian May


United Kingdom



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30 minutes per episode


ITV (within CITV)

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5 November 2001- 8 February 2002

This article is written from a real world point of view and so is not considered part of The Worst Witch universe.

Weirdsister College: The Further Adventures of the Worst Witch is the sequel to successful British children's television series The Worst Witch (1998-2001). Weirdsister College ran for only 13 episodes and there have been no publicised talks for a returning series.

From the 26th of October 2009 to mid November, Weirdsister College was shown on Citv Channel. All 13 episodes were shown and aired at 5.30pm to 6.00pm. When all the episodes were aired, The New Worst Witch began.


We follow Mildred Hubble in her first year at Weirdsister College, a university for students of magic. Similar to her adventures at Cackle's, Mildred usually messes up, but saves the day at the end. The series has a darker side than The Worst Witch, with evil creatures and a possible doomsday. Weirdsister College was directed by Alex Kirby and Stefan Pleszczynski, Who were directors on The Worst Witch.


GEORGINA SHERRINGTON - Milly Hubble SACHA DHAWAN - Azmat Madari KENT RILEY - Tim Wraightewright ABEILLE GELINAS - Cas Crowfeather FELICITY JONES - Ethel Hallow JENNY GALLOWAY - The Beetle JAYE GRIFFITHS - Jenny Wendle BOBBY BARRY - Nick Hobbes STEPHANIE LANE - Deidre Swoop CHARMIAN MAY - Alicia Thunderblast JOHN ROGAN - Professor Jonathan Shakestaft KATE DUCHENE - Miss Hardbroom SURENDRA KOCHAR - Azmat's Granny ERIC LOREN - Dr Andy Starfinder CRISTIAN COULSON - Ben Stemson JIMMY VEE - The Gargoyle HEATHER WRIGHT - Elaine Stemson HARRY MILLER – Turpin DAVID STERNE – Denton GILLIAN HANNA – Josie KITTY MARTIN – Vet JESSICA FOX – Enid MILO TWOMEY - Guy TARA HAYES - Alison NICK HAVERSON - Young Shaky


  1. The All Seeing Eye
  2. Never on Friday
  3. The Gargoyle
  4. The End of Misery's
  5. All That Jazz
  6. Dreamcatcher
  7. Dr. Foster, I Presume
  8. The Seventh Sense
  9. The Golden Cauldron
  10. Good Friends
  11. Shaky Foundations
  12. The Whisperer
  13. The Gates of Power

DVD Release

In 2007, Shock released Weirdsister College on DVD, in a boxset with Season 3 of The Worst Witch, although it is titled as "Series 4" of The Worst Witch. Shock also released box sets of Seasons 1 & 2 of The Worst Witch, and Seasons 1 & 2 of The New Worst Witch. These are all on Region 4, being released only in Australia, but playable in other reigons.


  • The 7th episode in the series (Dr. Foster, I presume) is a reference to the quote "Dr. Livingstone, I presume." by Henry Morton Stanley.
  • The twelfth episode in the series (The Whisperer) is the only episode in the series that was marked To Be Continued...
  • Felicity Jones returns to playing Ethel Hallow, as for seasons 2 and 3 of The Worst Witch she shaped her appearance to hide the fact she is sister of winy Sybil Hallow. When she came to Weirdsister, she felt as though it was safe to change back, and resumed the appearance of Ethel Hallow of The Worst Witch season 1.

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