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The Beetle of Weirdsister College


Jenny Galloway (Weirdsister College)

Veronica Dewdrop, or as the students know her, The Beetle. She takes care of the Foster's Effect and upholds the rules and regulations of the College. She also handles the College's finances, administration and emergency protocols.

The Beetle fines Mildred for illegal broomstick flying on first day at Weirdsister, as Mildred did not realise that she wasn't allowed to fly her brromstick around the college.

Dr Starfinder got himself into trouble with The Beetle on his second day, by performing magic on a Friday which broke the Bus Spell.

The Gate of Power is the doorway between The Seared Whisper and our world. A scroll kept in The Beetle's office contains the spell to open it - her post was created for the purpose of protecting it and preventing the gate being opened. The Beetle's office also contains the Emergency Call Button, Used to summon the Beetle from outside the walls of Weirdsister. Press the red button under a desk to sweep her into a travelling magical wormhole, and press the green button to let her out again. If you don't press the green one she will be sucked into a magical tornado-type-thing.


  • The Beetle’s name in other languages:

Dutch: Boktor


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