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The Genius of the Lamp

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Season 2, Episode 9

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The Dragon's Hoard

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Up in the Air

The Genius of the Lamp is Episode 9 of the second season of The Worst Witch. It was preceded by The Dragon's Hoard and followed by Up in the Air.


While Miss Cackle and Miss Hardbroom are away with Mildred's class at Rowan-Webb's, Miss Bat and Miss Drill are left in charge. In the staff room, they are competing for Miss Cackle's vacant chair and the authority it confirms, and the only subjects on the timetable seem to be P.E. and chanting, with the odd field trip.

The first years however, are fed up with the curriculum, and, realising they could be in danger of revolt, the teachers persuade Mrs Semolina to teach cooking lessons. This ends in disaster when Sybil and Clarice use the opportunity to lace the salad dressing with a dancing potion. It is intended to cheer the students up, but Mrs Semolina insists they let the teachers try it. Soon, the two teachers and the cook are dancing wildly around the staffroom, trashing it. When Mrs Semolina recovers, she is furious that her meal has been destroyed.

Sybil and Clarice pretend to make amends for this catastrophe by inventing a magical everlasting light to replace the candles and light the castle without electricity. However, they are really inventing a magic lamp in an attempt to make all of Sybil's wishes come true. They head to Fenella's room to read the books, and find a magic lamp spell which they cast.

Lighting the castle with their magic torch, they're put back into the good graces of their teachers. Eventually, Sybil takes control of the torch and starts wishing for things besides light. It's around this time that the staff notices things aren't quite right in the school. Whenever something is added by the torch, something else is taken away.

Sybil reveals to Clarice that she's miserable at the school and never wanted to be a witch anyway. She then turns on her friend and continues to accumulate things. The school starts to shake and fall apart.

Clarice, Bat, Drill, Gris and Fenella stand outside the door and try to talk her into stopping, but she doesn't listen until the torch starts to effect her friends by sucking energy from them. It's then that she finds she can't turn it off. As the school's about to fall down, Clarice gets an idea.

In the end, everyone's sitting in the kitchen which is lit by candles, and they learn that even a magic torch won't work without batteries.


Miss Bat and Miss Drill make all the classes P.E. and chanting! “Can’t we have something where you sit down, like potions or spells?”


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