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Sorcery and Chips
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Episode Number

Season 1, Episode 10

Air Date

7th January 1999

Proceeded By

The Heat is On

Succeeded By

Let Them Eat Cake

Sorcery and Chips is episode 10 of the first season of The Worst Witch TV series. It was Preceded by The Heat is On, and followed by Let Them Eat Cake.


Mildred is looking after 'Bonzo', who is Ruby's cyberpet, but forgets to feed it for so long that it dies. During a potion lesson to make the elixir of life, Mildred drops Bonzo into her potion, In an attempt to bring it back to life, which causes the potion to overflow onto the desk and floorboads. They then come to life as trees and destroy the potion laboratory, after which Bonzo goes missing.

Miss Cackle seizes the opportunity for a complete modernization of the laboratory and decides to invite the Chair of the School Governors (who happens to be Mr Hallow, Ethel's father) to inspect the damage and hopefully pay to re-equip the laboratory. So desperate is Miss Hardbroom for a new potions lab that she ignores the fact that he keeps talking on his cell phone and playing with his computer.

Mr Hallow convinces the teachers to set up a computer system instead of a potions lab, and Miss Hardbroom refuses to set foot in it. Meanwhile, Bonzo makes his return, but he has been affected by magic as a result of the potion lab's destruction. Bonzo connects up to the computer system and uses it to hypnotize everyone, to try and help him enslave the world when the system is connected to the Internet.

Mildred becomes concerned that her friends are becoming zombies at the mercy of the computers. Even Miss Hardbroom, who was fanagled into standing in the same room as the computers, seems to be hypnotized. Fenella and Griselda draw her attention to an old fairy book and tell her the story of the Snow Queen who places a splinter of glass in Kay's heart, which puts him under her power.

The comparison is obvious and Mildred looks for a spell that could undo the attention of the computers. Mildred's enchantment works on Ruby and Miss Hardbroom and, in the nick of time, Miss Hardbroom saves the day, by fighting Bonzo via computer and destroying him before he can go online. The students and faculty decide that they no longer want the computers after all.


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