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John Rogan (Weirdsister College) Nick Haverson (Weirdsister College- Young)

Professor Johnathan Shakeshaft is the oldest member of staff at Weirdsister, teaches (and forgets) various types of magic but spends most of his time asleep. Rumours about him are that he is mad and that he is from medieval times.


Weirdsister College

Young Shaky took an Elixir of life - which has been keeping him going for the last 537 years. Mildred and Shakey travel back to the 15th century to find themselves amongst the guests at Shakey's engagement party- He was engaged to Alison.[1]

Young Shakey and his friend Guy discovered the the secret of the Elixir of Life – it involves Sorcerer's Eggs- and young Shakey drinks the Elixir. Meanwhile, Hobbes has followed them back in time, and steals Guy’s research.[2] Hobbes, Ethel and Starfinder use the research to produce Sorcerer’s Eggs, which they use to store negative magical backwash created by the Foster's Effect. But Hobbes has another cunning plan and with Ethel's help they secretly create 12 eggs to continue the research of Misgone Magic. As the power from the eggs surges forth a ghostly spectre of a man emerges from the wall: Shaky's friend, Guy De Malfeasance, has been trapped in the walls of Weirdsister for 500 years. He tries, with Hobbes' help, to force a way through the gates of power to a world of Negative magic.[3]

Milly and Ben relise that the eggs will create an implosion. Back in the Middle Ages, there was only the broken glass on the floor because the negative magic caved in on itself, creating another world. The eggs broke before the reaction could reverse anything but the room. If the glass eggs hadn't shattered, the whole world might have imploded. But Starfinder's eggs won't break.

Dr Wendle explains to the students that the man comes from the Seared Whisper, and the reason that the post of Beetle was created was to guard against such things. They get into the Beetle’s office, and press the emergency call button to summon her. Hovever, The Whisperer takes The Beetle’s scroll. He intends to use the All-Seeing Eye and the Gauge of Humility to open Gates of Power.

Tim and Azmat use their remote-controlled magic disco mixer to distract the Whisperer, While Hobbes utters a spell and the All-Seeing Eye flies out of the box, and into the Gauge. Suddenly Professor Shakeshaft appears and says another spell. The Eye turns red and the Whisperer is vanquished. They have saved the world, but Shaky warns them that they will need to be forever watchful.[4]



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