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Bobby Barry (Weirdsister College)

Nick Hobbes is a dark and secretive wizard, disliked by most of the students at Weirdsister College, and has a megalomaniacal side. It is often suggested that he has feelings for Mildred.


Weirdsister College

Hobbes somehow managed to gain access to the information that before they can enter the college, each student must pass a kind of test. This test is the All-Seeing Eye, which parades all of your mistakes and misdeeds before the whole college, and might even turn you away. Hobbes realises that Millie's special gift (Bringing drawings to life) can help him outwit the Eye, so he immediately turns his attentions to wooing her into co-operation.

For the brunt of the year, he attempted at every turn to harness power for himself. He used Mildred and Ethel, turned Ben into a rat[1], and put Dr. Starfinder in an egg, after using time travel to plagerize a few things.

Hobbes brings a vicious gargoyle to life in order to get Dr Starfinder's attention[2], and later pinches Cas’ dreamcatcher for a spell to make him appear inMmilly’s dreams. [3] Hobbes enters the agonies to try and win the golden cauldron, but the witches defeat his team. [4]

At the end of the year, Hobbes follows Millie and shaky back in time, and discovers the principle of "eggs" which store negative energy. Hobbes shows this idea to Starfinder, who begins to store the negative energy of the Foster's Effect inside these eggs. [5]

Ultimately Hobbes’ quest for power leads him to release "The Whisperer" from the Seared Whisper, world of negative energy within the college's walls, and it becomes his minion. However, he manages to break free of the Whisperer's spell just in time to concoct a plan with Millie to defeat him. [6]

Physical Appearance

Nick has medium dark hair and usually wears all black clothes. Nick also carries a silver staff.

Personality and Traits

Hobbes is enigmatic and dark, with many secrets that he chooses not to reveal. He believes that he is at Weirdsister to "stop playing games and become a powerful wizard," and is always attempting to impress with his magical knowledge which often goes awry (in Episode 3 he brings a vicious gargoyle to life in order to get Dr Starfinder's attention). He has no problem with stealing, lying, and treading on other people's toes.

However, the last episode reveals he was bullied some point prior to coming to the college, and it could be argued much of his behaviour stems from that. This all begs the question: is Hobbes really evil, or is he just misunderstood?


Hobbes is attracted to both Mildred and Ethel.


  • Hobbes’ name in other languages:

Dutch: Nick Hops



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