Mrs Nightshade
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Famous Witch, Performer


  • Holly Quin-Ankrah (2017 TV Series, Series 1-3)
  • Eve Midgley (2017 TV Series, Young)
  • Victoria Ekanoye (2017 TV Series, Series 4)

Mrs Narcissus Nightshade is Enid's mother. She is a famous witch and a performer, along with her husband Nathaniel.


2017 TV Series

Mrs Nightshade drops Enid off at Cackle's along with her husband. She does not attend parents' evening as she is busy getting a manicure.

In Starstruck, She visits Cackle's, both to see Enid and for a photo-shoot and interview at the school. We learn that Narcissus became famous as a girl when a talent show, though she was touring for three years with her parents before that. Narcissus is now a judge on the talent show.

Enid, wishing to spend more time with her mother, uses a spell to turn her back before she was famous, but it turns Narcissus into a young girl. Enid talks to her de-aged mother and learns that touring all the time wasn’t all fun; she didn’t go to school but was tutored, and didn’t have any friends, so it was a rather lonely life. Narcissus won a magical talent show when she was young, and spent her time touring with her parents.

Enid comes to realize how much her mother sacrificed for her fame, and how she wants Enid to have a better upbringing by sending her to a good school where she can be with friends. Narcissus turns back into herself just in time to hear Enid say this, and they hug.

Narcissus in Starstruck


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