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Miss Tapioca is the head cook of the kitchens at Cackle's Academy. She is often kind towards Mildred, especially when Mildred trades Tabby with Ebony, a normal black cat.

She is named Miss Tapioca in the Books and 2017 TV series, and is named Mrs Maria Tapioca in the 1998 TV series, where she is depicted as being Italian, even to the point of cooking pizza behind Miss Cackle's back.


1998 TV Series

Mrs Tapioca's realm, the kitchens, is situated down in the dungeons. Therefore the food is always cold when it arrives at the table in the great hall - not that it was very appetizing when it was still hot.

This, however, is not Mrs Tapioca´s fault. She is magnificent at producing tasty pasta dishes - yet at Cackle´s tradition prevails - and tradition means “meat and two veggies” at any time. Mildred and her friends manage to convince Miss Cackle that one pizza day (the glorious saturday) would add a nice change to the menu - much to the discomfort of Miss Hardbroom who doesn´t approve of tasty food at all.

Mildred and the other pupils and also the castle´s caretaker, Frank Blossom, always try to butter Mrs Tapioca up - because that means secret helpings of delicious lasagna or cake. She strictly refuses to use any magic in cooking- in fact, she doesn't allow allow any magic below the stairs at all.

Mrs Tapioca went away during part of the second season, and was replaced by Mrs Semolina. but Mrs Tapioca did return in time to bake the cake which Mildred took to Charlie at his wizard college.
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Mrs Tapioca in the books

Mrs Tapioca has a cat, Lightning, who she says is "named right-fast as lighting to take tinned food from bowl, but not mice!" Mildred's Tabby is one of Lighting's Kittens.

2017 TV Series

The BBC website describes her cooking: The food at Miss Cackle’s has a reputation for being pretty disgusting. Not only do the basement kitchens mean the food is always cold, it’s not worth waiting for anyway. At the helm is long-suffering cook Miss Tapioca, who has questionable personal and food hygiene standards to say the least! Straight talking and a bit rough round the edges, she would like to be recognised for her talent.[1]

Beatrice Bunch, who wants to become a cook, starts helping Miss Tapioca in her second year. Miss Tapioca asks Beatrice to sort out the cooking books, and Beatrice discovers notices for lost items in the dining hall, and guesses that there is a thief. She also finds a book on magical cooking, and sets about making some truth cookies to catch the thief. Miss Tapioca, having eating eaten Beatrice’s cookies, admits to stealing the items to help her daughter, Mabel, with her education, as she was expelled from Amulet’s Academy. Miss Cackle allows Mabel to come to Cackle's, where she is in the same class as Beatrice.


  • Miss Tapioca is actually named after the pudding dessert, tapioca.
  • An interesting (and funny) oversight occurs during "Which Witch is Which?" when the school is evacuated. Most of the pupils leave with Miss Drill and Mr Blossom because they are non magical. They forgot to get Mrs Tapioca out of the school too.
  • Mrs Tapioca in the 1998 TV series is Italian, when she was presumably British in the books.
  • Like Miss Drill she in the 1998 TV series is non-magical while in the new series she is a witch.
  • Mrs Tapioca’s name in other languages:

French TV: Mrs Maria Tapioca (Doesn´t change)
German: Mrs Tapioca (same in German)
Dutch: Mevr. Tapioca


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