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Henry Miller (2017 TV Series)

Mr Gordon Spellbody is Maud's father.


2017 TV Series

In Maud's Big Mistake, it is Parents' Evening, Maud is worried that her parents won't be happy with the mistakes she's made. Enid offers to help Maud by giving her a forgetting powder, to make everyone forget her mistakes. When Maud and her parents go to see the teachers, and they all say that Maud is a perfect student, except for Miss Hardbroom, who can't remember what she was going to say. Maud goes to tell Mildred that the forgetting powder worked, but Mildred can't remember their friendship. Maud realises that her mistakes were mainly caused by Mildred, and that the forgetting powder has caused everyone to forget that she is friends with Mildred- even Mildred herself.

Maud tells Enid what's happened, and on Mr Nightshade's advice, they go to the first aid cabinet and get a vial of remembering powder of which there is only one dose, but when they attempt to use it, Mildred runs in and messes it up. Mildred suggests that Maud needs to make a bigger mistake so everyone will remember about their friendship. When Maud gets up to give her speech as head of year, she tells everyone what she's done, then mixes the same potion that blew up the potion lab earlier. Miss Hardbroom sends Maud, Enid and Mildred to Miss Cackle's office, saying that they are 'always in it together'- their plan has worked and everyone remembers Maud's mistakes and that she and Mildred are friends.

In Miss Cackle's office, Miss Hardbroom says that all three should be expelled, and tells Mr Nightshade that his money won't help this time. Maud's father gets out a forgetting powder, and uses it to make everyone forget that night. Maud's parents tell her that they are proud of her for standing up in front of everyone and telling the truth, and they take a family photo.


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