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Caretaker at Weirdsister College


David Sterne (Weirdsister College)

Mr Denton is the caretaker at Weirdsister College.


Weirdsister College

Tim and Azmat are helping Mr Denton, the caretaker, to fix the boiler – hot water is not getting to the college. They find a pipe which is taking away all the hot water to elsewhere.

Mr Denton, Tim and Azmat follow the hot water pipe to Hobbes' room. They go into his room, but a masked figure appears and scares Mr Denton. It is just Hobbes. He covers the entrance and tells them it's an experiment. Mr Denton storms off, saying that he is fed up and wants to quit his job. He goes to talk to Thunderblast and complains about having to clear up after all the students, on a low budget, and makes up his mind to quit. Thunderblast tries to persuade him to stay; Mr Denton names his price – he wants a pay rise. Thunderblast refuses and sacks him.

The Beetle and Thunderblast are unsuccessfully trying to fix the boiler. The Beetle tells her that there is only one person who can fix the boiler, meaning Mr Denton. Thunderblast tells her it's her fault for not paying him properly. She gets angry with the Beetle, but the Beetle tells her about Hobbes and how his experiments pushed Mr Denton over the edge.

In Thunderblast's office, the Headmistress is talking angrily to Hobbes. She tells him that he has to get Mr Denton back, and if he isn't back by the morning, Hobbes will be suspended. Hobbes questions Tim and Azmat about Mr Denton and where he might have gone, but they don't know. So Hobbes does a locator spell to find him. Views of Cambridge appear in the mirror, and he sees Mr Denton at a shop. Hobbes has an idea. He pulls back a curtain, to reveal Cas's dreamcatcher. He tells Tim and Azmat she is letting him borrow it. He casts a spell to make Mr Denton see Hobbes everywhere - he is in a suit, as a policeman, dressed as a woman, a nurse. Mr Denton comes rushing into the Witch Practice and tells Dr Wendle and the students what has happened.

Mr Denton comes into Thunderblast's office and apologises – Thunderblast offers him his old job, with a pay rise. He accepts.[1]



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