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Anabel Barnston (The New Worst Witch)

Mona Hallow is a witch and a student at Cackle’s Academy. She is the younger sister of Ethel and Sybil, and is shown as a smart and poindexter-type girl. She is friendly and enjoys science; and is quite unlike the rest of her family.


The New Worst Witch

Mona meets Hettie on her first day at Cackle’s, when Hettie accidentally stands on her magnifying glass. They both end up being late and try to sneak in by climbing the brick wall but get caught; both fall in the dust bins, crashing into the gutter and splashing Belladonna Bindweed, which is probably the reason why Belladonna hates them so much.

A new girl, Cynthia Horrocks, arrives on a Charity Scholarship from from Pentangle's, and immediately makes an enemy out of Mona. This is because Mona's dad took over Cynthia's dad's factory and she was forced to leave Pentangle's and go to Cackle's. Cynthia Horrocks soon gets Mona into trouble by blaming her for trashing the staff room. Hettie finds evidence to prove that Mona is blameless.

Mona entered herself for the prestigious Wizz of the Year Competition, despite it being for boys only. Hettie is determined to help Mona win, and along with Miss Hardbroom's nephew, Artemis, prepares a cross-genderalisation potion, however Mona ends up winning the competition as herself.

Mona was once revoked of her magical powers for 24 hours because of the theory that she could go a full day- or even forever- without the aid of magic. The bet was placed before her powers were taken and she voided the bet by flying her broomstick, a Disabling Charm was cast upon her by Miss Cackle and her powers were taken.

Personality and Traits

Unlike her sisters, Ethel and Sybil, Mona is neither snobby nor shy. She is intelligent and loyal (which gets her into trouble in "The Enemy Within", when she defends Dyllis) to her friends.


Mona is friends with Hettie Hubble and Cressie Winterchild and shares a mutual hatred with Belladonna Bindweed and especially Cynthia Horrocks. Cynthia comes to Cackle's under a charity scholarship after being forced to leave Pentangle's after Mr Hallow took over her father's factory (Hags & Horrocks). This is the cause for Cynthia's intense hatred of Mona. Mona breifly becomes best friends with Belladonna in "The Bewitching of Mona Hallow", when she eats a cake that Belladonna put an enemy spell on.