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Miss nightingale
Miss Nightingale is the passionate and dramatic art teacher of Cackle's Academy who replaces Miss Bat/Miss Crotchet in The New Worst Witch. She is generally sweet and kind to Hettie, Mona and Cressie. She is replaced by Miss Widget after the first series, though Miss Nightingale's absence in the second series is unexplained.

Similar to Miss Bat and Miss Crochet, Miss Hardbroom now has disagreements with Miss Nightingale.


The New Worst Witch

When Cressie takes her broomstick test, to make her feel more confident Hettie gives her a good luck stone and Miss Nightingale lends Cressie her special broomstick.

In Rules Rules Rules, Miss Nightingale asked her class to design a broomstick of the future. Miss Hardbroom asks Belladonna to take Hettie's broomstick of the future and put it in the bins but instead she rides off on it. Hettie sees her and goes off on her old broom to catch up with her. She saves Belladonna from falling off it.

At Halloween, Hettie, Mona and Cressie are selected by Miss Nightingale to sing to the Grand Wizard. It turns out, the Grand Wizard is ill, so his place is taken by his new 'Master of Magical Artifacts', wizard author Richard Avalon. Hettie gets into trouble while trying to prove that Richard Avalon is a thief, and is replaced by Belladonna to sing in the ceremony.