Miss Gimlett

Magical Status

Witch (presumably)





Miss Gimlett is a teacher who never actually appears in neither any of the books or the TV series. Miss Gimlett is apparently much nicer than Miss Hardbroom. She is mentioned in the book 'A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch', and in the episode 'Old Hats and New Brooms'.



She is mentioned at the beginning of A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch where she is supposed to be the form-mistress of the second-years but she is replaced by Miss Hardbroom.

1998 TV Series

All the second years are delighted that they have Miss Gimlett as a form teacher instead of Miss Hardbroom. In the staffroom, just as Miss Bat returns from her stay in inner Mongolia (bringing with her some foul smelling fermented yak's milk), Miss Cackle recieves a letter from Miss Gimlett informing her that she's quit and has gone to the Inner Hebrides. Miss Drill and Miss Bat instantly jump at the chance to be a form teacher, and they start arguing, so Miss Cackle suggests that they share responsibility while she makes up her mind.


  • Miss Gimlet ‘s name in other languages:

French book: Mademoiselle Lorgnette

Dutch 1998 series: Heks Bliksem