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Rebecca Clarke (1998 TV Series)

Miss Gabrielle Gribble is a student teacher from Weirdsister College, and is Miss Cackle's niece.


1998 TV Series

In Learning the Hard Way, Miss Gribble takes teaching advice from Miss Hardbroom, which leads her to be irrationally harsh on the whole of Mildred's class. As a result, the girls decide to take revenge and begin to tease her (calling her "Gabby Dribble" and leaving green goo in her desk and pretending to be allergic to chalk dust, as well as Enid Nightshade turning herself blue and pretending to turn into completely inanimate trees).

However, Mildred takes pity on her after finding out that Miss Gribble had always wanted to be a teacher and that she flunked at Miss Pentangle's Academy after turning Miss Pentangle into a tadpole. To make up for it, Mildred and co. stay up all night doing a potions lesson with her and they successfully manage to impress Miss Cackle and Miss Hardbroom and Miss Gribble finally gets a chance of becoming a teacher.

As a leaving gift, the girls give Miss Gribble a chair from the staff room and her own mug to which Miss Gribble jokily responds, "My own mug as well. I hope it doesn't dribble!". Miss Gribble is not seen again, suggesting that she returns to Weirdsister College.

Miss Gribble is mentioned briefly in The Worst Witch Saves the Day, where it is mentioned that she left after only one term after failing to maintain discipline with pupils.


  • It would appear that Miss Cackle has another, unnamed, sister, as Gabrielle's surname is Gribble rather Cackle, implying that her mother was a Cackle who married a Mr Gribble.
  • Miss Gribble’s name in other languages:

French: Gabrielle Gribouille