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Kitty Martin (2017 TV Series)

Miss Millicent Darkside is a replacement teacher, reffered to as a 'supply witch' who is supposed to take Miss Bat's classes while she is taking a break from teaching, on the suggestion of the other staff.


2017 TV Series

In The Best Teacher, Miss Bat wakes up claiming something has taken her sock, and Miss Cackle and Miss Hardbroom decide that she has 'lost her marbles' and that she needs some time off teaching. Meanwhile, Miss Bat's sock was used in a wisdom potion which turns Mildred Hubble into an old woman. Maud meets Miss Darkside, who has arrived as the replacement teacher for Miss Bat. Miss Darkside asks to meet Miss Cackle, so Maud tells her that Mildred is Miss Cackle, and Mildred tells Miss Darkside that she is not needed anymore, causing her to leave; Mildred pretends to be Miss Darkside for the rest of the episode.

Personality and Traits

Miss Hardbroom says that Miss Darkside is 'One of the greatest disciplinarians of the witch academy network, famed for upholding tradition, demanding order and instilling fear'. It's clear that Miss Hardbroom admires Miss Darkside.


The Worst Witch (2017 TV Series)

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