Michael Rafferty

Michael Rafferty
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Con-Man, posing as a Music Professor


Jeremy Clyde (1998 TV Series)

Michael Rafferty is a con artist who poses as Professor Von Raffenburg, a "world famous conductor" whom Miss Crotchet and Sybil and Clarice's class meet at a choir competition.


1998 TV Series

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Professor Von Raffenburg with Miss Crotchet
Professor Michael Von Raffenburg (appearing in "The Lost Chord" Episode) claims to be a "world famous conductor" whom the girls a year below Mildred's class run into in a competition with the choir, but he is really a thief. He visits the school, claiming he is impressed by Miss Crotchet's composition. He invites the class below Mildred's to come stay with him all expenses payed to give a concert for his students. He claims to be in love with Miss Crotchet, and she falls for it. It becomes obvious, as he badly plays Sybil's violin, that he may not be who he claims he is. He later says to Crotchet that he is looking for "The Lost Chord", a chord which will give you what your heart desires, and brings wealth and happiness to everyone who hears it. Sybil realises he's a fake, and has no skills in music whatsoever. He convinces Fenella and Griselda to help him make a present for Miss Crotchet by magic. With this, they make "the bell of the lost chord". When Miss Crotchet rings the bell in front of Miss Drill and the pupils, it hypnotizes all of them, except for Michael, who places headphones over his ears, and his true intentions of stealing their posessions are revealed. However, Clarice Crow, who is in bed with a bad cold, has her ears stuffed with cotton and can't hear the chord, thus isn't affected. She gathers students and teachers and they scare him away and destroy the bell.


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