This is a List of students at Cackle's Academy.


Mildred's Year

Year Below Mildred

Year Above Mildred

Meredith Frost is the Head Girl in the year above Mildred. She appears in First Prize for the Worst Witch. Edna appears in The Worst Witch and the Wishing Star, as the principal dancer for the Academy's broomstick ballet. She is a year above Mildred.

Two Years Below Mildred

  • Mavis

In The Worst Witch To The Rescue, Mavis, a student two years below Mildred, appears. She brings Mildred a message from Miss Hardbroom, and is glad to be of assistance to Mildred, whose adventures were legendary throughout the school.

Three Years Below Mildred

  • Dulcie

Mildred and Edna in The Worst Witch and the Wishing Star

Dulcie appears in First Prize for the Worst Witch; she is three years below Mildred and is into horses, she has pony called Merlin, who ends up living at Cackle's Academy thanks to Mildred.

1986 Film

Mildred's Year:

1998 TV Series

Mildred's Year

Harriet Goodcharm is mentioned to have left during the second year, taking Fenella Feverfew's Place from the book, Though Dawn Raven is the student missing in the second season. Throughout the series, there are sometimes other names: Gemma and Jenny appeared in A Bolt From The Blue, written on the blackboard with the results of the spell competition. Daphne is Mentioned in A Mean Halloween, when they go to the Great Hall to practice the Halloween play.

Sybil and Clarice's Year

Names for Sybil's Year can be seen in The Inspector Calls, when Miss Bat hands out the name stickers.

Miss Bat's sticker sheet in The Inspector Calls

Older Students

At the beginning of The Heat is On, when HB inspects the lockers, and later when the girls are cleaning, each locker has a label with the pupil's name, but only a couple of labels can be read.

Phillipa Henbane is mentioned in The Millennium Bug, when students are talking about Miss Hardbroom's Disapperance. Gemma and Jenny Raspberry are twins, they can be seen laughing at Mildred during the Broomstick Aptitude Test in The Battle of the Broomsticks.

The New Worst Witch

Students from The New Worst Witch, these names were seen on the star chart throughout the series.

The Star Chart in The New Worst Witch

Students in Hettie's Year

Other Students

  • Annalise
  • Alicia Crow

2017 TV Series

Mildred's year includes:

The class list for Mildred's class is seen in Bat Girl. There is one more name at the top of the list that can't be read, for a total of 16 in the class. The names Ember Toadflax, Harriet Cawclaw, and Bella Blackwood are seen listed on the board at sports day. They are in Mildred's year, as they are competing alongside Maud in the 2nd year's sports day. Jean Wand is called for the broomstick hurdles on sports day. Lucinda Eaglewing is the girl who had a potion allergy in Selection Day. Lucinda, Bella and Charlotte are named in the scripts, the only non-credited students to be named- all the others are listed collectively as 'Girls'.[2] The names Taya Stone and Willow Comfrey are seen on failed test papers in Selection Day

The year below Mildred's includes:

Two Years Above Mildred includes:

Three Years Below Mildred includes:

One Year Above Mildred includes:

Past Students include:

Hazel and Peggy won the Spelling Bee the year before Mildred started.

Other Students

In The Game, the following names can be seen on Mildred's pinboard, when she tracking the spread of the game through the school: Harriet, Margot, Lucy, Nora, Hilda, Winnie, Vanessa, Bessie, Lavender, Isobel, Bertha, Poppy, Violet, Demelza, Amber and 1 unknown girl who's name can't be read. Mildred gives Harriet's full name as Harriet Henbane. None of these girls seem to be in Mildred's class, so they are presumably in other years above or below her.

These students attended Cackle's 50 years before Mildred:

Magical Mystery Game

The Following students appear in the Magical Mystery game on the CBBC website:

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