This is a list of characters in The Worst Witch books, telemovie and TV series. Also included are characters from Weirdsister College and The New Worst Witch.

Cackle's Academy Staff

Miss Amelia Cackle- The plump, pleasant and kind-hearted headmistress of the Academy. (Renamed Miss Ada Cackle in the 2017 series)

Miss Constance Hardbroom-The fearsome deputy headmistress of Miss Cackle's Academy, and Mildred's form mistress. (Renamed Miss Hecate Hardbroom in the 2017 series)

Miss Davina Bat-the loopy and eccentric chanting teacher at Cackle's Academy. Often found in the staffroom cupboard. (Renamed Miss Gwen Bat in the 2017 series, where she also teaches history.)

Miss Imogen Drill- The PE teacher, and the only member of staff who is non-magic. (Renamed Miss Dimity Drill in 2017 series, where she is magical and teaches broomstick flying.)

Miss Lavinia Crotchet- The replacement chanting teacher for Miss Bat in season 3. Though not quite as eccentric as Miss Bat she still has her own charm and quirks.

Miss Gimlett- A teacher who is mentioned but is never actually seen. She was meant to take over as Mildred's form tutor at the start of her second year.

Miss Gullet- Health-and-Safety-conscious teacher in 2017 series who also teaches Spell Science. She becomes Agatha Cackle's sidekick.

Mr Algernon Rowan-Webb - In the 2017 TV series, Mr Rowan-Webb becomes the first wizard teacher at Cackle's. He takes over from Miss Gullet as the Spell Science teacher.

Miss Marigold Mould- The art teacher, She uses a lot of flowery language and can be quite dramatic.

Miss Gabrielle Gribble- A student teacher from Weirdsister College, and Miss Cackle's niece.

Mrs Maria Tapioca- The head cook of the kitchens at Cackle's Academy.

Mrs Semolina- The replacement cook while Mrs Tapioca is away.

Mr Frank Blossom- The caretaker at Cackle´s, and an inventor of all kind of contraptions.

Mr Ted Blossom- Frank's Brother, and the replacement caretaker in season 3.

Miss Spellbinder- Flying teacher from the 1986 telemovie

Miss Deirdre Swoop- Pentangle's pupil who becomes the PE teacher in The New Worst Witch.

Miss Nightingale- the passionate and dramatic art teacher of Cackle's, Replaces Miss Bat/Miss Crochet in TNWW.

Miss Myrtle Widget- The eccentric and passionate art teacher who replaces Miss Nightingale in the second season of TNWW.

Caspian Bloom- The librarian at Cackle's who replaces Mr Blossom the handyman in TNWW.

Mrs Alma Cackle- Miss Cackle and Agatha's mother, and former headmistress of the Academy.

Hermione Cackle- Founder of Cackle's Academy in the 1998 TV Series

Christobelle Cackle- Founder of Cackle's Academy in the 2017 TV Series

Cackle's Academy Students

Mildred Hubble- A good-hearted, but bungling young witch-in-training, who never seems to get anything right. She is friends with Maud Moonshine and Enid Nightshade.

Maud Moonshine- Mildred´s first and best friend at Miss Cackle's Academy. (Maud Spellbody in the books and 2017 TV series, Maud Warlock in the 1986 film.)

Enid Nightshade- known for being a practical joker and is best friends with Mildred Hubble and Maud Moonshine.

Ethel Hallow- Mildred Hubble's acid-tongued rival. She always gets straight As in everything and is spoiled, snobbish and vindictive.

Drusilla Paddock- Ethel Hallow's best and only friend.

Ruby Cherrytree- Part of Mildred's circle of friends. The resident mad scientist of the Academy. Often in trouble for her gadgets and inventions.

Jadu Wali- Part of Mildred's circle of friends. Very democratic. Later becomes Deputy Headgirl to Mildred

Fenella Feverfew- One year ahead of Mildred, and is friends with Griselda Blackwood.

Griselda Blackwood- One year ahead of Mildred, and is friends with Fenella Feverfew.

Sybil Hallow- Ethel's younger sister. Rather gullible but excels in music

Clarice Crow- Sybil Hallow's best (and presumably only) friend. (Clarice Twigg in the 2017 series)

Beatrice Bunch - Sybil Hallow's other friend (From the 2017 series)

Dawn Raven- Another student at Cackle's Academy in the same year as Mildred.

Gloria Newt- Another student at Cackle's Academy in the same year as Mildred.

Harriet Goodcharm- Another student at Cackle's Academy in the same year as Mildred.

Bryony Besomsworth- Another student at Cackle's Academy in the same year as Mildred.

Tansy Weirdstone- Another student at Cackle's Academy in the same year as Mildred.

Esmerelda Hallow- The older sister of Ethel, she is two years above Ethel at Cackle's.

Felicity Foxglove- a student at Cackle's Academy in the 2017 series.

Mabel Tapioca- Daughter of Miss Tapioca, the school cook.

Henrietta "Hettie" Hubble-The younger cousin of Mildred Hubble, and just as clumsy.

Crescentmoon "Cressie" Winterchild- A member of the Hedge Witch Community, and friends with Hettie.

Mona Hallow- The younger sister of Ethel Hallow and Sybil Hallow, she is friends with Hettie.

Belladonna Bindweed- The stuck-up, conniving and nasty rival of Hettie, Mona and Cressie.

Cynthia Horrocks- The equally stuck-up, snotty sidekick of Belladonna.

Dyllis Mustardseed- A minor character in Hettie's year.

Roseanne Speedwell- A minor character in Hettie's year.

List of Students at Cackle's Academy- There are about 60 students at Cackle's, and various names can be seen in the series.

Weirdsister College Staff and Students

Prof. Alicia Thunderblast-The head of the College.

Dr. Jenny Wendle- An experienced first-year tutor, and Millie's mentor.

Dr. Andy Starfinder- American wizard who looks to broaden the boundaries of magic with science and his inventions.

Prof. Johnathan Shakeshaft- The oldest member of staff, teaches (and forgets) various types of magic.

Veronica Dewdrop (known as The Beetle)- Takes care of the Foster's Effect and upholds the rules and regulations of the College.

Mr Denton- The Caretaker

Cas Crowfeather- Mildred's new best friend.

Nick Hobbes- Dark and secretive wizard.

Azmat Madaridi- Wizard, best friend of Tim.

Tim Wraithewight-Wizard, best friend of Azmat.

Ben Stemson- Non-magical worker of Misery's, Mildred's boyfriend.

Elaine Stemson- Owner of Misery's.

Parents and Relatives

Ms Julie Hubble - Mildred's mother, who is non-magical.

Mrs Ursula Hallow- Ethel's mother.

Mr Hallow- The Chair of Governors at Cackle's and Ethel's father.

Beryl Hallow Ethel's, Sybil's and Esmerelda's grandmother

Mrs Mavis Spellbody- Maud's mother.

Mr Gordon Spellbody- Maud's father.

Mona Spellbody- Maud's grandmother.

Mrs Narcissus Nightshade- Enid's mother.

Mr Nathaniel Nightshade- Enid's father.

Mirabelle Hubble- Mildred's last magical ancestor

Fenella Foxglove[1]- Felicity's mother

Felicia[2]- Relative of Felicity who was at school with Ada and Agatha Cackle

Loretta[3]- Relative of Lucinda who was at school with Ada and Agatha Cackle

Bella Twigg[4]- Clarice's mother

Lucian Twigg[5]- Clarice's father

Names of other parents can be seen on Mrs Hallow's petition in A New Dawn: [[1]]

Other Witches

Agatha Cackle- Miss Cackle's identical rebellious twin sister, she has tried to take over the Academy on multiple occasions.

Betty Bindweed- One of Agatha Cackle's cronies.

Millicent Coldstone- One of Agatha Cackle's cronies.

Delilah- Member of Agatha Cackle's Coven in the Telemovie.

Donna- Miss Cackle's Niece in the Telemovie.

Mistress Hecketty Broomhead- The School Inspector, She took over briefly as headmistress in Just Like Clockwork.

Miss Pippa Pentangle-The headmistress of Miss Pentangle's Academy for Witches, and friends with Miss Hardbroom. (Miss Phyllis Pentangle in the 1998 series)

Deirdre Swoop- Pentangle's pupil who goes to Weirdsister College, and later becomes the PE teacher in The New Worst Witch.

Sapphire Hailstone- Pentangle's student who competes in the Spelling Bee.

Amanda Honeydew- Popstar and member of the Spell Girls.

Lucy Fairweather- Famous Witch who defeated Baron Overblow and saved the peasants from him.

Harriet Hogweed- Was defeated by Lucy Fairweather.

Miss Bronwyn Blackcat- Director of the Witchcraft of the Year show

Miss Darkside- Replacement teacher in the 2017 series.

Dr. Josie Foster- The woman who discovered the Foster's Effect.

Alison- Prof. Shakeshaft's fiance from the middle ages.

Phoebe Nettlebetter- a Pentangle's student who appears in New Worst Witch.

Araminta Hexley Gore- Witch famous for doing the levitating boomerang broomstick trick.

Grand High Witch- Judges the talent competition in Mildred's fourth year.

Miss Doomstone - The School Inspector in Miss Softbroom.

Other Wizards

Chief Wizard Egbert Helibore- The Grand Wizard, and headmaster of Camelot College.

Benjamin Greengage- Deputy Headmaster of Camelot College.

Algernon Rowan Webb- Was turned into a frog, Mildred gets Mr Hellibore to turn him back.

Merlin Langstaff- An ex-apprentice of The Chief Wizard, now Mr Rowan-Webb's apprentice.

Barry Dragonsbane- The Grand Wizard's bullying apprentice.

Gary Grailquest- The Grand Wizard's other bullying apprentice.

Charlie Blossom- Caretaker Frank Blossom's nephew, he becomes a pupil Camelot College.

Icy Stevens- Famous DJ and radio host.

Mortimer Mistletoe- The Bully who turned Algernon Rowan-Webb into a frog.

Mandrake- a long-dead Wizard that once owned Algernon's riverside house.

Zac Hawthorn- Pentangle's student who competes in the Spelling Bee.

Oliver- Egbert Hellibore's grandson, who wants to take chanting classes.

Guy De Malfeasance- The Whisperer, has been trapped in the walls of Weirdsister College for many years.

Richard Avalon- Wizard authour.

Artemis Hardbroom- Miss Hardbroom's Nephew.

Wizard Stoneyface- Judges the Wiz of The Year competition.

Supreme Magician- Judges the talent competition in Mildred's fourth year.

Non-Magical Characters

Miss Lynne Lamplighter- A local artist who visits the school for Art Week.

Mrs Cosie- Owner of the local tea-rooms, Cosie's.

Serge Dubois- Boy scout chief and Miss Drill's boyfriend.

Rocky Mountain Rangers- Group of boy scouts including Bean Pole, Spooky, Bounce and Tin Can.

Michael Rafferty- Poses as Prof. Von Raffenburg

Terry Root- Mr Blossom's Rival in the Gardening Competition.

Percy Slyce- Sam's boss who schemes to shut down Cosie's.

Sam Hope- A kindhearted businessman who helps to save Cosie's.

Miss Pike- Basketball coach at Heversham High.

Mr Brilliantine and Mrs Hilda Brilliantine- Owners of the circus where Star came from.