Indigo Moon

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Kelsey Calladine-Smith

Indigo Moon used to be Joy Hardbroom's friend 30 years ago; She was non-magical, but was turned to stone after Joy gave her magical powers. She is turned back thanks to Mildred Hubble, and joins Mildred's class at Cackle's Academy.

Story- 2017 T.V. Series

Season 3

Hecate Hardbroom, whose real name is Joy, was a talented young witch who thought she knew better than other witches. She ignored the witches’ code and was drawn to the non-magical world, and things like ice cream, music and dancing. Joy became friends with Indigo Moon, a non-magical girl who believed in magic, and could therefore see through the invisibility spells that hide witches and magic from the rest of the world. But when the teachers at Cackle’s found out, Joy was confined to the Academy and grounds. Joy stole a wishing star and gave Indigo magical powers so they could be together, but Indigo got carried away with the magic, and she turned to stone. Joy dedicated herself to following the witches’ code, cut herself off from her witch friends, and went by her middle name, Hecate.

30 years later, Indigo is turned back when Mildred Hubble uses a potion made of Rarest Lychin to cure her mother of the same fate. Indigo comes to Cackle's looking for Joy, and Ethel then challenges her to a dangerous broomstick race called the Cackle Run, which Indigo accepts. Mildred and Indigo finish the race together, and Miss Cackle makes Indigo Mildred’s responsibility- Mildred has to keep Indigo out of trouble and make sure she passes her basic witching exams, or they will both be leaving the school.

Indigo misses Joy, but Miss Hardbroom refuses to let Mildred tell her the truth. Indigo just passes the exams, and Miss Hardbroom finally decides to tell her who she is, But before she can talk to Indigo, Ethel turns up with her student record and reveals her full name. Indigo, shocked, flies away.

Indigo later turns up at Julie Hubble's apartment, after being unable to find her aunt and uncle. Julie looks after Indigo and sends a message to Cackle's to let them know she's safe. Indigo nearly uses forgetting powder to erase her memory of Cackle's and Miss Hardbroom, but Miss Hardbroom arrives just in time to stop her, and they make up, with Miss Hardbroom to become Indigo's teacher, and to not let her down again. With Indigo's help, they are able to banish the fake Indigo and save the Academy.

She is very powerful since she is able to perform teleportation correctly.

Season 4

In Season 4, Indigo is back at Cackle's with Mildred and the others. On her birthday, her body tries to catch up to her actual age if she had not been turned to stone. Indigo sees this as an opportunity to find out what Miss Hardbroom is hiding. She disguises herself as an inspector for the Great Wizard, and asks Miss Hardbroom to perform tasks such as transformation or transferring to the Arctic Circle. However, she is caught when she unexpectedly ages back to her normal age. She runs away to her old den in the non-magical world where she finds a missing sign for herself. She takes it back to Miss Hardbroom, who attempts to brew a potion to de-age her. However, Ms.Hardbroom purposefully miscalculated to send her back to 1989. Indigo is reunited with her mother that gave her up when she was a baby. She then returns to Cackle as the non-magical parent of a new student, Azura Moon.


  • Indigo's 'disappearance' occurred in 1989, according to a sign seen in Happy Birthday, Indigo Moon. Therefore, the events of Mildred's third year took place in 2019.


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