The Fourth Year Firsts are prizes awarded at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches at the end of fourth year, in categories ranging from academics to broomstick flying to teamwork. Most of the prizes are selected by Miss Cackle and Miss Hardbroom, except for the Team Spirit prize, which is voted for by the pupils. The Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl for the following year are also announced at the prize giving ceremony.


  • First Prize for Team Spirit
  • First Prize for Best Pilot
  • First Prize for Chanting
  • First Prize for Potions
  • First Prize for Perfect Punctuality
  • First Prize for the Tidiest Room
  • First Prize for Highest Grades
  • First Prize for the Best-Trained Cat
  • First Prize for Art (Proposed by Miss Cackle, but turned down by Miss Hardbroom)

Mildred's Year

Mildred Hubble's year have their Fourth Year Firsts in First Prize for the Worst Witch. Ethel Hallow wins everything except for the First Prize for Team Spirit, which Maud Spellbody wins. Mildred is named Head Girl, and chooses Enid Nightshade as her Deputy.

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