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Dagny Rollins (2017 TV Series)

Felicity Foxglove is a student in Mildred Hubble's year at Cackle's Academy.

Felicty is a Green Witch, meaning she has a close connection to plants and nature. Her familiar is called Pocus.


In The First Witch, Felicity becomes a member of the first year witches' coven, the hair Raisers.

She thinks Miss Pentangle is very glamorous, and wanted to go to Miss Pentangle's Academy, but her mother wouldn't let her because it is co-ed.

She is one of the highest performers in her class and exhibits a perfect growth spell in Out of Bounds.

In The Worst Headmistress, she almost eats Maud Spellbody who has been transformed into a cake by Miss Gullet.

In her second year, Felicity spends a lot of time with Ethel, since Ethel's friend Drusilla has transferred to Miss Pentangle's Academy.

She also starts a blog called The Daily Bubble (first referenced in The Extraordinary Esper Vespertilio) which she tries to interview the Great Wizard 's grandson Oliver for, after being told he is a Pentangle's student. She somehow seems to know about events and posts about them on her blog before they are officially announced, as demonstrated in Mildred's Family Tree.

In Bat Girl, Felicity joins Ethel's scheme to get Enid expelled after career's evening is cancelled as a result of Enid's actions. Felicity feels let down by Enid, whose famous mother was supposedly coming to the event because she had written about it on her blog and does not want to lose followers if people think that she is lying. She manages to get Enid expelled but when Miss Hardbroom sees Ethel and Felicity, she chases them around the hall. Felicity and Ethel get slimed in a trap.

She is currently the only "Green Witch" in Cackles Academy. Which means she can understand the magic in nature better than the majority of witches her age.


Notes and references

  • She speaks in a North American accent, and is so far the only character who has.
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