Dr. Jenny Wendle

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First year tutor and mentor


Jaye Griffiths (Weirdsister College)

Dr Jenny Wendle is an experienced first year tutor, and mentor to Millie, Cas, Ethel and Nick. She also runs the Witch Practice in the town, which is dedicated to helping the community with witchcraft, and her knowledge is needed to help save the College. Calm and level-headed, she is the kind of tutor who really gets on with her students and readily listens to their problems. However she is also a very talented and experienced witch, and is on hand to help save the day when the college is under threat.

The Witch Practice is located in town near the College. Witch Practice is a way of serving the community through magic. Students have to give up a certain amount of their time each month to go to Cosmic Circle Consultations with Dr Wendle, where they do spells for clients who need help. In Dreamcatcher, Jenny Wendle and her students are helping a client by putting her in a trance, and doing a chant to help her stop her being burgled. In The Seventh Sense, Dr Wendle, Milly, Tim, Azmat and Cas are doing a chant to try and help Tabby.


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