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"I'm sensitive. I'm artistic. I'm highly strong. Sing with me, or else!"
  Crescentmoon to Mona Hallow before they sing to wizards in the Potions Lab.

Crescentmoon Winterchild
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Paislie Reid (The New Worst Witch)

Crescentmoon "Cressie" Winterchild is a Hedge witch and a student at Cackle’s Academy. She is friends with Hettie Hubble, and is known for her traits in the Hedge Witch Community.


The New Worst Witch

Cressie takes pride in being a member of the Hedge Witch Community, as shown when she and Hettie celebrate Hazelmass behind Miss Hardbroom's back[1], and when she helps Mona do a Hedge Witch dance for Miss Widget's "Uniquely You" project[2]. Hettie accidentally turns her into a baby in “The Odd Couple.”

At first Cressie fails her Broomstick Aptitude test and is almost thrown out of school, until she rescues Hettie's real kitten, which is then transfered to her and Hettie is allowed to keep her dog Kitty.[3]

Cressie with Hettie, Mona and Dilys

Cressie generated a lot of gossip and attention when a Spells Class about Time made her realise that she is a Time Witch, a good witch that can control time. Hettie forces her to use this power to take her back in time so Mona Hallow won't be cross with them for looking in her diary to see what she wants for her birthday.[4]

Cressie has a Liverpool accent.

Personality and Traits

"Rubbish!" - Miss Hardbroom on Hedge Witch traits.

The Hedge Witch Community is said to be a powerful group of witches, and possibly wizards. They believe in various susperstitious and pure and environmentally friendly traits and celebrate nature on occasions like Hazlemass.

Crescentmoon wasn't afraid to show her traits as a Hedge Witch and celebrated their holidays even with the rules and teachers forbidding her to do so, mainly because it was powerful magic for a first year witch to be practicing.


Cressie is friends with Hettie Hubble and Mona Hallow and shares a mutual hatred with Belladonna Bindweed and Cynthia Horrocks.