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Abeille Gélinas (Weirdsister College)

Cas Crowfeather is a witch and a student at Weirdsister College. She is Mildred’s new best friend.


Weirdsister College

Cas came all the way from Canada to attend Weirdsister. [1] Cas Crowfeather is a French Canadian at Weirdsister on a scholarship. Her grandfather was a medicine man, and she would really like it if people would not take her dreamcatcher, which was a gift from her Uncle. [2] At Weirdsister, Cas is roomates with Mildred and Ethel.

Physical Appearance

Cas Crowfeather is a red-headed French-Canadian with a fantastic dress sense. Cas takes Mildred out to buy some new clothes.

Abilities and Skills

Cas peppers her magic with knowledge of her Native Indian roots - she can offer up traditional chants and knows just what to do with her dreamcatcher.


Cas becomes Mildred's best friend at Weirdsister, and helps her to escape all sorts of grisly things (like cranky guys covered in paint). Cas is very good at magic, and very friendly.

Cas is a talented young witch who is everyone's friend and is always willing to help. But she does know where the limits lie and isn't afraid to insist on her point when she feels strongly about it. She meets Milly very early on: they are room-mates. They are also classmates in most of their lessons, and hang out together after lectures finish. She is always there for Milly to talk to, and always tries to do what's best.


  • Cas Crowfeather’s name in other languages:

Dutch: Tess Kraaienveer



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