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RainbowBubbles3 RainbowBubbles3 1 June 2019

Chain reaction

I have noticed a huge chain reaction that is basically the entire storyline of The Worst Witch (2017 TV Series).

If Nightstar, Ethel's cat, hadn't gone outside on the day of the mists of time, then Agatha wouldn't have tried to annihilate the school, the Founding Stone wouldn't have turned to ice, and a fake Indigo Moon wouldn't have appeared and tried to burn down the school.

  • If Nightstar hadn't gone outside on the day of the mists...
  • Ethel and Mildred wouldn't have gone outside to find Nightstar
  • Ethel and Mildred wouldn't have gone back in time
  • Mildred wouldn't have found Ada and Agatha's birth scroll, proving that Agatha is 13 minutes older than Ada and therefore, the rightful owner of Cackle's Academy
  • Mildred and Ada wouldn't have had a priv…
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RainbowBubbles3 RainbowBubbles3 16 April 2019

Esmerelda's magic

Does anybody know why Esmerelda didn't return to Cackle's? After she took the magic from the Founding Stone, she became magical again. So why didn't she return to Cackle's?

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Morganthomasgames Morganthomasgames 21 March 2019

Indigo Moon?

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