Ben Stemson

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Elaine Stemson (Mother)


Waiter at Misery's cafe


Christian Coulson (Weirdsister College)

Ben Stemson is a non-magical boy who works in Misery's cafe (property of and next to Weirdsister College), which is run by his mum, Elaine Stemson. He becomes Mildred’s boyfriend.


Weirdsister College

Ben works in Misery's café, which is run by his mum, Elaine Stemson. Slightly bumbling and clumsy, the first time he sees Mildred, he trips over. He offers Millie a job in the café (which she accepts), and over time they become very good friends, however their blossoming relationship is jeopardized when he finds out that she is a witch. Ben isn't into all the magic stuff, and it really scares him as he wasn't keen on his Mum's New Age interests to start with. However, he starts to accept her and his scientific knowledge even helps them save Weirdsister College- He was the one who figured out that the eggs would implode. [1] Ben and Millie are in a romantic relationship as of episode 6.

Ethel tries to persuade Tim and Azmat to help her tell Ben that Millie is a witch. Tim and Azmat lead Ben into the college and into a room with Ethel. She closes the door using magic. Hobbes appears and tells Ben that Millie is a witch, before making him three inches tall. Ethel and Hobbes take him to the laboratory in a white maze. Hobbes puts a rat in the maze to chase Ben, and Millie has to help Ben find his way out. Through Ben, Milly does a spell to open the gate of the maze and get him out. Ben is put back to normal size, and is completely shell-shocked. He promises to keep Millie's secret. [2]



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