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Beatrice "Bea" Bunch is a witch and a student at Cackle’s Academy. She is friends with Sybil Hallow and Clarice Twigg. Her familiar is called Solstice.

Beatrice, Sybil and Clarice


2017 series

Beatrice first appears in Tortoise Trouble, and becomes friends with Sybil Hallow and Clarice Twigg. She says she has a kind of asthma that causes her to disappear when she sneezes and then reappear in a random place, along with whatever or whoever she is touching at the time of the sneeze. This is later revealed to be an allergy to cats which she was keeping secret because all students at Cackle's Academy need to keep a cat and she feared that if people knew she was allergic, she wouldn't be allowed to attend. She used a potion to try and make her allergy disappear but it made the cats disappear instead and go to a place called Vanishment. The students got the cats back but accidentally brought through a host of other objects that had been sent to Vanishment. When things had resolved, Miss Cackle successfully cured Beatrice's allergy and she is no longer allergic to cats.

Beatrice wants to become a cook, and starts helping Miss Tapioca in her second year. Miss Tapioca tells Beatrice off for messing with the food, and Beatrice says she just wants to be a cook like her mum. Miss Tapioca says she will be calling Beatrice’s Mum, but Beatrice says she can’t do that, because her mother died six years ago. Later, Miss Tapioca, having eaten Beatrice’s truth cookies, tells her she’s a good cook, and Beatrice tells Sybil and Clarice about her mother.

Physical Appearance

Beatrice has dark skin and frizzy black hair.


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