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Tina Hall (1998 TV Series)

Amanda Honeydew is a member of witch band The Spell Girls and appeared in the second season episode The Millennium Bug.


1998 TV Series

Amanda attended Cackle's as a pupil during her childhood. She failed all her exams and dropped out, but made a career as a pop singer. The only subject that Amanda was any good at was chanting. She returns to the Academy for Cackle's Millennium celebrations, as a suprise guest. However, it transpires that Mr Hallow, Ethel's father and Chair of the School of Governors, is planning to sell the Castle to Amanda and build an ultra-modern school with the proceeds. Miss Hardbroom resigns in protest, but, after a surprisingly frank and tender meeting with Mildred in the dungeons, Mildred plots and schemes with her friends and her enemies to put off Amanda and save the old Castle from being turned into a theme park. Sybil has found the confidence to improvise on the clarinet but the words they sing to the Spell Girls' song are designed to unsettle Amanda - and the Living Waxwork in the dungeon is designed to terrify the wits out of her. Realising what the school means to the current pupils, she gives up the castle and returns it to the ownership of Miss Cackle - much to the shock and surprise of Mr Hallow![1]

Physical Appearance

Apart from her (most likely bleached) blonde hair, Amanda wears differing shades of pink clothing, but has a silver necklace. She also carries a pale green handbag with turquoise buttons on.

Personality and Traits

She attended Cackle's as a pupil during her childhood, but Miss Hardbroom doesn't have a high opinion of her at all. Amanda Honeydew uses the nickname HB for Miss Hardbroom, indicating that term was used during her own school days.

She first walks into Cackle's with a rather enthusiastic 'Hello' to everyone, but then breezes right past them before spotting Miss Cackle. She seems not to be bothered by the attempts of the students to save the building the school is in now from being turned into a money earner. For most of the episode, she appears to be a normal ditzy blonde but that changes by the end. At varying points, she also displays arrogant traits which appall other characters.


  • Based on comments made by Miss Hardbroom when she saves Honeydew, Mildred, Maud and Enid from a flying axe, Amanda was a bit of a troublemaker in her time as well.
  • Despite taking her work seriously, she can be seen trying not to laugh during a reworded version of Spell Power written and sung by Clarice, Fenella and Griselda with Sybil on clarinet.


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