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A Mean Halloween

Episode Number

Season 1, Episode 4

Written by

Martin Riley

Directed by

Andrew Morgan

Produced by

Angela Beeching

Original Airdate

12 November 1998

Run Time

24 minutes 13 seconds

Proceeded By

A Pig In a Poke

Suceeded By

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

A Mean Halloween is episode 4 of season 1 of The Worst Witch TV series. It was Preceded by A Pig In a Poke, and followed by Double, Double, Toil and Trouble. A Mean Halloween is based on the first Worst Witch book. It is the first part of a two part episode; the second part is Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.


All of Mildred's attempts to revise her potion notes fail, and when Miss Hardbroom gives them the test of making a laughter potion, Mildred and Maud accidentally create an invisibility potion. Miss Hardbroom sends them to Miss Cackle's office, where Mildred is severely reprimanded, and called the worst witch.

Mildred is determined not to get into any more trouble, but Halloween is approaching. Disgusted by Miss Bat's idea for the Halloween celebration (Fenella and Griselda singing and dancing), Miss Hardbroom comes up with an idea for a historical reinactment, with a solo broomstick ride by one of the students.

In a rare show of democracy, Miss Hardbroom draws the parts out of a cauldron, and Mildred is chosen to play the main character. She will have to perform fancy broomstick-flying moves. Mildred makes a mess of things in all of her rehersals, but Miss Hardbroom manages to hold her temper in check long enough to give her what might be considered a peptalk.

Miss Hardbroom insists that Mildred's broom, stuck together with parcel tape, be replaced, and asks Ethel to loan Mildred a broomstick. Ethel reluctantly agrees, but she is still furious about Mildred turning her into a pig, and whispers a few words to the broomstick.

Halloween play.jpg

The Chief Wizard, Egbert Hellibore, attends the Halloween celebration. He expects a fine presentation, in the tradition of Cackle's Academy. All goes well until Mildred's broom starts behaving in a most unorthodox way and Mildred crashes into Chief Wizard Hellibore. The ceremony is ruined and Mildred is in deep disgrace, so she decides to run away.


Miss Hardbroom: “Cauldron number 3, you appear, if that is the right word to use under the circumstances, to have made the wrong potion.”

Miss Bat doing her little jig! "Time to meet for trick or treat - it's Punky Night tonight!" "Punky Night - Punky Night - Punky Night tonight!" (HB walks in totally bemused!)

(Girls discussing Miss Hardbroom) Ruby: “she’s got hair!”
Maud: “Extreme!”
Milldred: "She doesn't seem half as frightening."


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