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Felicity Jones Guest Apperance in Worst Witch Reboot

Can anyone imagine Felicity Jones Making a Guest Apperance as a Witch who Graduated from Cackle‘s Academy and who is now extremely Successful and Glamourus

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• 10/9/2018

The internet is at risk!

Those interfering fools are doing it AGAIN! 

The internet is at risk. 

I got this from someone else TODAY!

Just shorten the addresses to the websites.


It was a 438 to 226 landslide vote. h t t p s : // www . theverge . com/2018/9/12/17849868/eu-internet-copyright-reform-article-11-13-approved

They're voting on it one last time in JANUARY 2019, which gives us little time to change things around!

Youtubers Reaction to the end of Youtube? (End of Memes, Article 13,#SaveYourInternet)

h t t p s : // youtu . be /YBphJanne1A

If you're European, you'll be denied any and all access to fandom content on the internet. Here's why. Articles 13 in particular forces every internet platform to filter all the contents we upload online, ending once and for all the internet culture. Which means you won't be able to upload any type of copyrighted material. Memes, gifs, youtubers, livestreaming, fan art, FAN FICTION, blogging, linking, parodies, all of it will be affected. You won't also be able to share, enjoy or download other's contents, because the use of links will be completely restricted or the content removed.

But not everything is lost yet!

Click here to find details to contact your MEP:

h t t p s : //saveyourinternet .eu

Sign and share this petition:

h t t p s : //www . change. org/p/european-parliament-stop-the-censorship-machinery-save-the-internet

Also if you're outside of the EU, sign this petition: 

h t t p s : //www . change. org/p/axel-voss-save-the-internet-reject-article-13-and-11?recruiter=839558037&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition

What you can do now to save our internet, is to share this information with all of your family members and friends, and to ask to your MEP (the members of the European Parliament from your country) to vote NO at the next round, to vote against articles 13.

Spread the news. Sign the petitions. Protest (Peacefully). Call your MEPs. Do what you can to help stop this from passing in January!

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• 7/22/2018

British or American English

I've noticed some of the recent additions are changes such as Mr to Mr. I am guessing this due to Mr. being acceptable in American English and the users making such changes are either American or been taught American English.

Currently, I am unsure if this Wikia has a chosen preference for which version of English we should use. I would guess British English due to it being a British series but I feel if we are to use British English it needs to be added to this Wikia so people don't change it to American English anymore.
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• 3/12/2018


Herbs for potions
Can anyone help me with the translation for Grimley Grass and Egg Pong (awfull smell plant on Hollow Wood?
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• 2/1/2018

Season 2 Changes

Does anybody know why they changed actresses for Maud Spellbody? The new one is given very little to do, and her personality is downsized. Also, what is with the weird beards on Algernon and the Great Wizard?
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• 7/29/2017

What is the deal with tabby?

Why tabby change colors as if he was undecided about this?
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• 3/16/2017

The Mists of Time

What'd you guys think about the season finale of The Worst Witch? Share your thoughts here!
"What Secret Scroll?" | The Worst Witch | Episode 12 | CBBC
"What Secret Scroll?" | The Worst Witch | Episode 12 | CBBC YouTube
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